Huron Terrace Bridge E-mail
Located on the scenic waterfront of Kincardine, the Huron Terrace Bridge replacement was a joint project of the County of Bruce and the Town of Kincardine. BMROSS completed the Environmental Assessment to replace the previous, aging steel truss bridge with a crossing that better suits the future needs in the area and yet would look attractive in the setting of the marina, lighthouse, businesses and beach.


The $3.4 million construction cost included insulated sanitary sewer and watermain supported under the bridge. A 4 m wide promenade sidewalk was used to hold the people who gather for summer evenings to view the sunsets and hear the Phantom Piper. Ornamental street lights were included on the bridge to match those used on earlier streetscape projects in the Kincardine business area. This project complexity required a combined effort of design engineers and planners from all of the BMROSS groups.