Saugeen Shores - Water and Sewage Master Plan

Saugeen Shores - Water and Sewage Master Plan
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  • Client: Town of Saugeen Shores
  • Location: Saugeen Shores, Ontario
  • Project Value: $45,000

The Saugeen Shores Water and Sewage Master Plan investigated the water supply, distribution and storage requirements as well as the sewage collection and wastewater treatments requirements for serving the Town of Saugeen Shores for a twenty year planning period, providing a long-term revision to the Municipality for their servicing needs.


This complex study evaluated the impacts and identified infrastructure needs for different growth scenarios including the possibility of sudden extensive demand for services caused by growth related to a retrofit at the nearby Bruce Nuclear Power Development.


The Master Servicing Plan study process was integrated with the Class EA planning process, and public consultation was undertaken during the development of the plan to satisfy the general requirements of the Phase 1 and 2 EA process.  Among key elements of the plan were recommendations to expand the service area into areas where the Municipality has committed to servicing (i.e. vacant lots or approved draft plans) as well as locations where development concepts have been prepared but not yet approved.  The plan also includes the extension of servicing to areas of the former Township of Saugeen adjacent to Port Elgin and Southampton, particularly along the lakeshore which has a developed and permanent population.


BMROSS completed the plan in 2000 and provided an update in 2002 in response to revised development proposals within the Municipality.


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