Goderich Breakwater

Goderich Port Management Corporation
Goderich, Ontario
Project Value
Project Manager
A. I. Ross, P. Eng.
A boat, barge and excavator are building the breakwater.
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As part of a Port Master Plan started in 2002, the Goderich Port Management Corp. completed five separate projects to better protect the port from wave attack. The study started with a physical wave model study at Queens University. The last of these projects was the construction of a rock and concrete encapsulation of part of the north breakwater. Seen from shore, it looks like a thin line of boulders. But, like the tip of an iceberg, the line of boulders is just the top of a 68,000 tonne pyramid of rocks.

BMROSS was involved in the master plan and the design and construction review of all five component projects. The North Breakwater Berm represents the culmination of a 12 year program to keep the Goderich Port a safe and active part of the H2O highway.