B. M. Ross and Associates Limited

Welcome to BMROSS

SEPTEMBER UPDATE FOR COVID-19: Business is important, but not as important as the personal safety of our staff and all of the people that we work with. BMROSS is continuing work on your projects, but it is not “business as usual”, as we take part in the world battle against COVID-19.

Our project managers have remote connections to our data server from their homes. Winter storm days have given us a dress rehearsal for this event. Our staff have been directed to respect the conditions that you may have imposed for your own office or project site. We are participating in teleconferencing or on-line meetings, even on-line public meetings. Our offices are closed to visitors unless appointments are arranged. All visitors must wear masks and provide contact tracing information.

We are continuing work on designs, contracts and reports, but please be patient where situations and government directives may cause problems with schedules. Please expect delays from approval agencies. Wherever owners deem construction projects to be for critical infrastructure, BMROSS will be there to provide layout, construction review and contract administration.

For over sixty years, BMROSS has been providing engineering services to communities throughout southwestern Ontario.

Our engineering team includes more than engineers, technologists, planners and surveyors. It also includes problem-solvers, facilitators, and negotiators with a long-term vision; professionals that work together with our clients to find the best solution.

As a partner in the communities we work in, BMROSS has not just the dedication and experience, but also the means and motivation to see each job completed successfully.

By taking a personal consultative approach, combined with experience and common-sense, we help provide the foundation that communities are built on -- BMROSS is engineering better communities