Darren Alexander - Principal

Darren Alexander
Senior Engineer
B.A.Sc., P.Eng.
519-524-2641, Ext. 215

Darren is a Huron County native that enjoys a rural lifestyle blended with experience gained living and working in larger urban centres. Darren has been with BMROSS since 1998 and in that time he has progressed from Designer to Project Manager and Group Leader. Darren takes an active role in the implementation of Provincial Standards in our contract documents and initiated the standardization of special provisions as they relate to road reconstruction projects.

Darren has assumed a mentoring role with younger staff, helping them achieve their certification through the Ontario Association of Certified Technicians and Technologists. Darren values the accomplishments of these staff as he too graduated with diplomas from technology programs. Darren graduated from Electronic Technology and Civil Technology programs before embarking on a journey to becoming a Civil Engineer.

Darren initiated an annual workshop for our Project Managers and site staff to bring everyone together for a day of discussion about new products and Provincial Standard revisions.

As a Project Manager and Group Leader for road and infrastructure related projects, Darren’s approach to a project is to provide a design that meets the client’s needs and then manage it carefully for the client.