Seaforth Water Supply

Municipality of Huron East
Seaforth, ON
Inside of a pumphouse facility
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After deficiencies were identified in the existing communal water supply for the community of Seaforth, B. M. Ross and Associates was retained to design a replacement. BMROSS completed a Class Environmental Assessment (Class EA) for the project, including all agency and public notification.

Following the Class EA, BMROSS completed final design, approval submissions, equipment pre-selection, contract administration and construction review. The project included the following key components:

  • A temporary filtration system, consisting of disposable cartridge filters, for the existing well supply
  • Three new wells pumping to a new pumphouse and treatment facility
  • Disinfection using sodium hypochlorite
  • Iron sequestering using sodium silicate
  • 660 m3 ground level reservoir
  • High-lift pumping system
  • Standby power
  • Control and monitoring system


The new Seaforth water supply system was placed into service in the spring of 2009. Following commissioning of the new system, the previous well supply was taken out of service.