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Steve Burns
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An increased emphasis on the efficient use of resources, and the mandated installation of Smart meters for electrical metering has caused many municipalities to carry out water meter installation and upgrade projects in recent years. B. M. Ross and Associates Limited (BMROSS) has provided engineering and planning services for several municipal water metering projects.

Because of the typical “design build” approach to metering projects, the implementation of water metering requires detailed planning and execution to ensure the success of the project. Each component must be co-ordinated with the municipality to minimize public concern for the installation of the meters and the subsequent billing process. The installation of water meters occurs on private property and the property owner must be well informed at the outset of the project.

BMROSS can provide services to support the selection and installation of water meters as well as to initiate a consumption-based billing structure for municipal water works. Services provided have included:

  1. Informing the public of the need and procedure to install the meters, and developing reluctant property owner strategies.
  2. Retaining a contractor via competitive process to install the meters, including tender preparation and bid analysis.
  3. Administering the installation of the meters and the billing software, including contract administration and project management.
  4. Establishing water and sewage rates to be applied to the meter readings.
  5. Developing municipal bylaws to enforce the metering program.
  6. Managing an ongoing public information program.
  7. Retaining an organization to read the meters and supervise the transfer of water use information.

Some of the issues typically addressed in a metering project include:

  • Scheduling
  • Other water conservation devices
  • Municipal and provincial standards
  • Refurbishing existing meters
  • Multiple residential units
  • Installation records
  • Meter size vs. service size
  • Invited bid vs. public tender
  • Typical meter installation detail
  • Local plumbers
  • Touchpad location
  • Cross-connections
  • Reading equipment
  • Asbestos wrapping
  • Backflow prevention
  • Bypassing larger meters
  • Pressure reduction

A significant issue which has arisen as a result of the electrical Smart metering program is the possible combination of reading technologies. BMROSS has carried out investigations of the various technologies available and is knowledgeable of options offered in this regard.


BMROSS has provided services for metering projects in South Huron (1,850 meters), St. Marys (2,200 meters) and Lambton Shores (1,500 meters), and was involved with both the original installation and eventual replacement of the Kincardine (2,435 meters) water meters. Additional projects are listed below.


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