Community Septic Inspection Program

The Huron-Kinloss Community Septic Inspections (HK-CSI) program represents a proactive step in addressing the possibility of septic systems affecting surface and groundwater quality. Initiated in the spring of 2007, the program aims to encourage regular maintenance of septic systems through mandatory inspections with every system being inspected on a rotating basis over an 8 year period.

Cycle 1 of the Program was completed in 2014 with over 2950 systems being inspected.

Cycle 2 of the Program commenced in May 2015. A special emphasis in 2015 is to inspect all properties identified as being in a vulnerable Source Water Protection Area, in order to comply with Source Protection Plans required 5 year inspection interval. During the next 8 year cycle there will be special attention paid to older systems to ensure they are working as designed.