Project Tendering

Projects: Out To Tender
Project Name Project Number Project Manager
Perth East, Township of - BR351C
Rehabilitation of Roulston Bridge
BR351C Colin Van Niejenhuis
Southgate, Township of - 22189
Holstein Dam Head Race Partial Decommissioning
22189 Steve Jackson
Bluewater, Municipality of - 21029
Hensall Elevated Water Tower
21029 Ryan DeVries
Huron, County of - HC 23-169
Blyth Traffic Signals
HC 23-169 Izaak De Jager
Huron, County of - HC 23-504
Rehabilitation of Structure 15-22.1 on County Road 15
HC 23-504 Jeff Jones
Projects: Tender Results Posted
Project Name Project Number Project Manager
Goderich, Town of - 20139
Albert and Anglesea Street Reconstruction
20139 Dennis Elliott
North Huron, Township of - 07266,2
Hutton Heights Servicing (Lloyd and Crawford Street)
07266,2 Ryan Riehl
Dawn-Euphemia, Township of - BR1488
Replacement of Structure 3 on Cuthbert Road
BR1488 Ken Logtenberg
Perth East, Township of - 16022
Pacific and Davis Reconstruction
16022 Dennis Elliott
St. Marys, Town of - PW-31-2023-RFT
Rehabilitation of the Robinson, Queen and Emily Street Sewage Pumping Systems
21043 Ryan DeVries
Brockton, Municipality of - 21353A
Walkerton North Standpipe Upgrades and Re-coating
21353A Ryan DeVries
Howick, Township of - BR1312 - Option 1
Replacement of Culvert 27 on Quarry Line
BR1312 Colin Van Niejenhuis
Howick, Township of - BR1312 - Option 2
Replacement of Culvert 27 on Quarry Line
BR1312 Colin Van Niejenhuis
Perth, County of - BR1489
Repairs to Fish Creek Bridge (139011)
BR1489 Colin Van Niejenhuis
Goderich, Town of - 22190
North Harbour Road Paving and North Harbour Road & Huron Road Rail Crossings
22190 Dennis Elliott
Bluewater, Municipality of - 23104
Hensall Arena Structural Steel Re-coating
23104 Ryan Munn
Stratford, City of - T-2023-15
Dunn's Bridge Rehabilitation
BR696A - T-2023-15 Colin Van Niejenhuis
Huron, County of HC 23-502
Rehabilitation of Donnybrook Bridge 22-06.4 on County Road 22
BMROSS BR113B Jeff Jones
Wellington North, Township of - 14056
Cork Street Reconstruction
14056 Matt Millar
Sarnia, City of - 11-2023
Michigan Line Bridge over Drainage Canal Rehabilitation
BR1387 Ken Logtenberg
Huron-Kinloss, Township of - 19017, 2
Tanglewood, Jardine and Ridgewood Reconstruction
19017, 2 Ryan Riehl