Project Tendering

Projects: Out To Tender
Project Name Project Number Project Manager
Huron-Kinloss, Township of - 19153,1
Ripley Southwest Storm Sewer
19153,1 Ryan Riehl
Bruce, County of - BR1391
Repairs to the Stephenson Bridge
RFT BC-TES-22-39 Ryan Munn
Bruce, County of - BR728B
Repairs to the Willow Creek Pedestrian Bridge
Request For Proposal RFP BC-TES-22-42 Ryan Munn
Projects: Tender Results Posted
Project Name Project Number Project Manager
Strathroy-Caradoc, Municipality of - BR1417
Replacement of Structure C19
BR1417 Ken Logtenberg
Huron-KInloss, Township of - 16229, 1
Victoria and Wheeler Street Reconstruction
16229,1 Ryan Riehl
Brockton, Municipality of - 21196
Concession 14 East Reconstruction
21196 Darren Alexander
Brockton, Municipality of - 21351
Saugeen River Watermain Crossing
21351 Darren Alexander
Lucan-Biddulph, Township of - 21314
Soccer Field Complex Washroom/Changeroom
Design-Build Request for Proposal (RFP)
21314 Darren Alexander
Goderich, Town of - 20269,2
Goderich Shoreline Bridge Repair
20269,2 Colin Van Niejenhuis
Brockton, Municipality of - 21353
Walkerton North Standpipe Upgrades and Re-coating
21353 Ryan DeVries
Brockton, Municipality of - 21245
Walkerton Pollution Control Plant Replacement of Ferric Chloride Storage Tank
21245 Ryan DeVries
Strathroy-Caradoc, Municipality of - 10041
Queen Street Reconstruction
10041 Darren Alexander
Bruce, County of - RFT BC-TES-22-21
Repairs to the Willow Creek, Pedestrian Bridge
BMROSS No. BR728B Ryan Munn
Dawn-Euphemia, Township of - BR1452
Replacement of Structure 36 on Kent Line
BR1452 Ken Logtenberg
North Huron, Township of - 07266,1
London Road Watermain
07266,1 Ryan Riehl
South Huron, Municipality of - 18120
Waterloo Street Reconstruction
18120 Dennis Elliott
Huron East, Municipality of - 18235
Princess Street Reconstruction (Brussels)
18235 Dennis Elliott
Plympton-Wyoming, Municipality of- 19009
Front Street West Reconstruction
19009 Alex Morfin
Huron-Kinloss, Township of - BR1441
Rehabilitation of Structure H66 and Lake Range Drive Culvert
BR1441 Jeff Jones
Goderich, Town of - 21201
Main Beach Sidewalk
21201 Izaak De Jager
Chatsworth, Township of - BR1428
Replacement of Structure 51
BR1428 Ken Logtenberg
Goderich, Town of - 21313
Essex, Lighthouse and Cobourg Street Reconstruction and Goderich Airport Paving
21313 Dennis Elliott
Lucan Biddulph, Township of - 21314
Soccer Field Complex
21314 Darren Alexander
Brockton, Municipality of - 12154,2
East Ridge Business Park (Walkerton)
12154,2 Frank Vanderloo
Kincardine, Municipality of - 08175-2022
Bruce Road 15 Reconstruction (Inverhuron)
08175-2022 Ryan Riehl
Kincardine, Municipality of - 22038
Water Treatment Plant Reservoir Repairs
22038 Ken Logtenberg
West Perth, Municipality of - BR1445 - Option 2
Replacement of Structure 010F on Road 150
BR1445 Nic Gowing
West Perth, Municipality of - BR1445 - Option 1
Replacement of Structure 010F on Road 150 - Option 1
BR1445 Nic Gowing
Kincardine, Municipality of - 18031
Column Repairs at the Kincardine Water Treatment Plant
18031 Ryan Munn
Central Huron, Municipality of - 21294
Cutter and Whitehead Street Reconstruction
21294 Darren Alexander