Project Tendering

Projects: Out To Tender
Project Name Project Number Project Manager
Kincardine, Municipality of - RFT ES 2024-18098
Bruce Avenue Reconstruction
RFT-ES-2024-18098 Dale Erb
Ashfield-Colborne-Wawanosh, Township of - 23075
Century Heights, New Well Treatment Building
23075 Ryan DeVries
West Perth, Municipality of - BR1530
Replacement of West Perth Structure 034H (South Huron Structure 3014) on Line 17
BR1530 Ryan Munn
Huron, County of - HC-24-508
Rehabilitation of Boundary Bridge 11 (BB11 on Nile Road)
BMROSS BR1529 Jeff Jones
Strathroy-Caradoc, Municipality of - BR1492/1493
Replacement of Structure C09 on Glen Oak Road and Repairs to Structure C17 on Christina Road
BR1492/1493 Nic Gowing
Projects: Tender Results Posted
Project Name Project Number Project Manager
Chatsworth, Township of - 24068
2024 Rural Paving Program
24068 Frank Vanderloo
West Perth, Municipality of - BR1485
Repairs to Frank Street Bridge Structure 004M
BR1485 Ryan Munn
Strathroy-Caradoc, Municipality of - 2024148
Queen Street Phase 2 - Road Reconstruction
09178 Darren Alexander
West Perth, Municipality of - 22197
James Street Construction and Frank Street Watermain
22197 Dennis Elliott
Ashfield-Colborne-Wawanosh, Township of - 16135, 2
Ashfield Street Reconstruction (Port Albert)
16135,2 Dale Erb
St. Marys, Town of - PW-20-2024-RFT
Wellington Street Reconstruction
BMROSS 23235 Darren Alexander
St. Clair, Township of - Contract 2024-003
Clay Creek Bridge Rehabilitation
BMROSS BR1518 Colin Van Niejenhuis
Perth East, Township of - 16022
Fulton and Whaley Ave. Reconstruction
16022 Dennis Elliott
Wellington North, Township of - RFT 2024-006
Replacement of Structure 2023 and Culvert on Sideroad 15
BR1515/BR1516 Colin Van Niejenhuis
Plympton Wyoming, The Town of - 24057
Carmichael Drain Improvements
24057 Colton Pickett
Huron, County of - HC-24-506
G2G Trail Tunnel (Structure 25-20.8)
BMROSS No. BR025a Nic Gowing
Perth, County of - RFT No. 2024-031-05
Bridge Structure Rehabilitations Nos. 044180 & 135018
BR1521/BR788b Colin Van Niejenhuis
Bruce, County of - RFT-BC-TES-24-22
Bruce Road 6E Rehabilitation (Absalom Street E, Mildmay)
BMROSS No. 23352 Bill Hornibrook
Huron East, Municipality of - 12143
Sports Drive Reconstruction
12143 Dennis Elliott
Bluewater, Municipality of - 22324
Colina Street Embankment Protection
22324 Dale Erb
St. Marys, Town of - PW-10-2024-RFT
Repairs to Sarnia Bridge (Structure 5)
BMROSS File No. BR1527 Ryan Munn
Huron-Kinloss, Township of - 20219
Wheeler and Outram Reconstruction (Lucknow)
20219 Ryan Riehl
Bruce, County of - RFT-BC-TES-24-19
Bridge Rehabilitation Work 2024
BMROSS File No. BR1390 Jeff Jones
Huron, County of - HC-24-302
Dashwood Road Reconstruction
BMROSS No. 22156 Dale Erb
Huron East, Municipality of - BR1494/BR1495
Repairs to Structures M13 and M28 on Canada Company Road
BR1494/BR1495 Chad Kernighan
Bluewater, Municipality of - 22292
Richmond Street North Reconstruction
22292 Dale Erb
Wellington North, Township of - RFT-2024-005
Fergus Street Reconstruction
BMROSS No. 21340 Izaak De Jager
Saugeen Shores, Town of - 02-6320-6931
Millard Boulevard Shoreline Protection
02-6320-6391; BMROSS File No. 22220 Steve Jackson
Chatham-Kent, Municipality of - T24-162
Croton (Oakdale Road) Bridge over the Sydenham River - Bridge Rehabilitation
BMROSS No. BR1435 Ken Logtenberg
Kincardine, Municipality of - RFT ES 2024-23247
Replacement of Kincardine Marina Fuel Dispensing Facilities
RFT ES 2024-23247 Dale Erb