Goderich Water Pollution Control Plant 2006 Upgrades

Town of Goderich
Goderich, Ontario
Project Value
An aerial view of the Goderich water pollution control plant.
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The existing sewage treatment facility, which was designed by BMROSS in 1966 and which has undergone several subsequent process improvements, utilizes the conventional activated sludge process to treat sewage from a town of approximately 7500 people.

The plant is undergoing modifications to raw sewage screening, aeration, secondary clarification, sludge pumping, and emergency power processes. A key component to the project was construction of facilities to capture, retain, and process combined sewer overflow from the inlet works to reduce downstream by-passes and the release of raw sewage to the receiving stream (Lake Huron). Sequencing of construction was vital to the continued operation of the existing plant in order to achieve effluent criteria. Sewer separation in the collection system was also conducted to reduce hydraulic surges reaching the plant.

The need for the upgrades was established through completion of a Pollution Prevention Control Plan completed by BMROSS for the Town in 2004. The Study considered the impact of the Town’s storm sewer system, CSO’s and the WPCP discharge on the near shore water quality in Lake Huron at Goderich.

BMROSS undertook a detailed study to develop the treatment strategy, conducted the environmental assessment, and provided final design, tendering, approval and construction review services. The works are being constructed in 2006-2007.