Wastewater Operation and Maintenance Competitions

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Steve Burns
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BMROSS has considerable experience in helping clients with municipal infrastructure operations and management. We have assisted in system evaluation and Contractor selection and provided development and evaluation of sewage systems.

Evaluation of Operations

In some instances, it has been necessary to include a review of current operations and evaluate options for improving the efficiency and cost effectiveness. This work is designed to serve as input to the competition process. This type of evaluation generally consists of:

  • Reviewing existing system documentation to identify current operating requirements.
  • Consultation with the Municipality, operators and the MOE to identify current work programs and system requirements.
  • Determination of the staffing and management requirements of the works.
  • Development of general work plans and budgets for any alternative operations scenarios.


Contractor Selection

For the selection of an Operations Contractor, the work often includes:

  • Preparation of an RFP, which includes background information on the existing system and expectations for the bid submission.
    • Services during tendering, including assistance with a site tour and responding to proponent questions.
    • Review of proposals, including a detailed summary for the consideration of Council.
    • Participation in interviews with the bidders and Municipality. In some cases, BMROSS may lead the interviews.
    • Review and advice regarding the Service Agreement between the Owner and the Contractor. The level of involvement in this component depends on the complexity of the proposed Agreement and the amount of negotiation involved.

In recent years, we have participated in operations studies and/or Contractor selection for the following:

Client Name

Job Description

Town of Goderich

Assistance with Contractor selection for Wastewater Services, including review of the Services Agreement

Township of Huron-Kinloss

Assistance Regarding Sewage Operations

Township of North Huron

Assistance with Selection of Sewage Operator


Municipality of Lambton Shores

Sewage Operations RFP and bid evaluation

Town of Goderich

5 year Review of Operations Agreement and Contractor performance

Crest Centre

RFP preparation and proposal evaluation for STP Operations

Inter-County Wastewater Operations Committee

Assistance with development of RFP and proposal evaluation for multiple wastewater systems in seven (7) municipalities

Municipality of Bluewater

Development of RFP and review of proposals for Wastewater Operations

Municipality of West Perth

Sewage Operations RFP and bid evaluation

Municipality of Northern Bruce Peninsula

Sewage Operations evaluation preparation of RFP and bid evaluation

Municipality of Huron East

RFP document review, review of submissions and Assistance with Selection of Sewage Operator