Class EA for the Bear Creek Bridge

The County of Lambton initiated a Class Environmental Assessment (Class EA) process in January 2018 to consider options associated with the Bear Creek Bridge which is located on County Road 22 (Egremont Road) at the east limits of the Village of Warwick. Recent engineering inspections of the structure have identified significant deterioration with many of the bridge components. All reasonable alternatives were considered in conjunction with the Class EA evaluation including:

  • Replacement of the existing bridge in the same location;
  • Rehabilitation of the existing bridge;
  • Repair of the existing bridge;
  • Do nothing.

Following completion of the review, the County has decided to replace the existing crossing with a new bridge in the same location.

An Environmental Screening Report, which documents the Class EA process conducted for this project, is available for review at the left of this page under Documents, or on the County of Lambton website at The Notice of Study Completion is also in the Documents location to the left.