Andrew Ross
Vice President

If you find bridges exciting, you share a passion with Andy Ross. As Leader of the Structural Group, Andy has been reviewing, assessing and designing bridges and culverts throughout Southwestern Ontario for over 20 years. He particularly enjoys restoring historic steel truss bridges. A wonderful example, Balls Bridge, can be found along the Maitland River, northeast of Goderich. He also has extensive experience working on complex bridge projects. A recent reconstruction of the Huron Terrace Bridge in Kincardine included a 4 metre wide sidewalk along the west side, to facilitate crowds viewing the Lake Huron sunset in the summer.

When he is not calculating loads and span stresses, Andy enjoys wilderness trekking through the more uninhabited parts of Canada. He also undertakes various volunteer works and in 2007 was awarded a YMCA Peace Medal for his contributions to building school facilities in Latin America.

Senior Engineer

M.A.Sc., P.Eng.

519-524-2641, Ext. 210