Mapping and Data Collection

BMROSS provides a range of services to assist municipalities with finding solutions to manage the ever increasing amount of information, whether they are paper documents, older CAD data, or field assets without any original mapping.

Through the use of a Geographic Information System (GIS) and an Unrestricted Use Licence for basic Ontario topographic mapping (such as OBM), we can produce high quality cartographic products. Coupled with our 10 centimetre post-process accuracy GPS (Global Positioning System), accurate plans of water, storm and sanitary assets can be developed.

Data conversion services are available and include transformations and reprojections, as well as scanning and georeferencing paper plans. Information can be collected from the georeferenced plans to create GIS data. Older CAD files that never used real-world coordinates can also be converted to real GIS data.

BMROSS is able to provide an advanced map viewer so that all staff in an office can view mapped data, as well as assist with information management using a searchable relational database.

Mapping and Data Collection Project Examples